Here at Water Odyssey, we understand our environmental responsibility to the world and the future of our children. Over the years Fountain People, Inc. has been driven to provide affordable aquatic play experiences, interactive entertainment, and architectural accents through water features. We provide our customers ways to reduce, renew, and reuse, so they can have the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace water conservation. As a manufacturer, we can only expect the same from ourselves. That’s why we strive to lead by example in the ever-changing market though our products, and everyday business tasks.  

Our sustainable manufacturing practices:
  • All specialized water feature equipment is manufactured from either recycled or recyclable materials.
  • Stainless steel components are approximately 82% combined post-consumer and post-industrial recycled.
  • Bronze, brass, and copper components are approximately 89% combined post consumer and post industrial recycled.
  • Pumps are selected for optimal efficiency and minimum electrical energy consumption for each individual design concept.
  • Specialized pump controls are specified to minimize electrical consumption in changing environments.
  • Specialized water treatment equipment is specifically designed to maximize useful water life and minimize water replacement and chemical usage.
  • Specialized lighting controls are specified to minimize electrical consumption.
  • Specialized water level controls prevent the waste of water from overfilling.
  • Protective system functions prolong the life of pumps.
  • All adhesives, sealants, and product coatings are volatile organic compound (VOC) free except for a small amount of epoxy resin sealant that is used for underground applications.  

Our sustainable business practices:
  • In-house printing is done with Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) certified paper.
  • Catalogs are printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper.
  • We promote the availability, and distribution of our literature in digital format to reduce our reliance on paper products.
  • Scrap foam products are re-used for packaging.
  • 60% of shipping boxes are made from recycled paper products.
  • Rainwater is collected at our facility for the landscape, and our supplemental test pool.
  • Coatings facilities are state-approved, and utilize advanced particle filtering & collection operations.