The G2 Cannon™ replaces our popular Gravity Cannon™ and has all of the same features with bolder detailing – the look of an old sailing ship’s cannon. This unit is also available with a hidden wireless activator for virtually instantaneous on/off operation. The operating range (spray width) of these units can be preset at the factory from 45 to 360 degrees. Vertical adjustability is 45 degrees.


Model: W284

  •  Flow Requirements
    • 20 GPM/76 LPM
  • Water Conserving Version
    • 12 GPM/45 LPM
  •  Dimensions
    • Height: 3'-4"/102 CM


Adjustable Spray Zone

More play value through interactivity

Coated with Aqua Armor – the most

durable Chlorine, UV and vandal resistant

coating in the industry

Interchangeable with other spray features

ADA and ASTM compliant

Water conserving version available