The sprayer emits a soft aerated stream of water and is available with 45 – 360 degree swing (operating range) in the horizontal plane. The standard swing is typically a 90 degree horizontal swing. The unit is available with a hidden wireless activator for virtually instantaneous on/off operation, there are pinch points and the feature is ideal for all ages 5-12.

*All Splash & Bubbles themed products are subject to a 10% licensing fee to the show’s creator – Jim Henson Productions and Hershend Enterprises.


Flow Requirements

18 GPM/ 68 LPM

Water Conserving Version

12 GPM/ 45 LPM


4' -4" / 132 CM


Adjustable spray zone

More play value through interactivity

Coated with Aqua Armour – the most durable Chlorine, UV and vandal resistant coating in the industry

Interchangeable with other spray features

ADA and ASTM compliant

Water-conserving version available