This fun Maury™ Fun Form Aqua Sprayer™ emits a mix of arching streams from the mouth, back, and tail as he spreads the news throughout Reeftown. Maury™ can be arranged in a line, arc, or zig-zag style pattern.

*All Splash & Bubbles themed products are subject to a 10% licensing fee to the show’s creator – Jim Henson Productions and Hershend Enterprises.


Model: F2052

Flow Requirements

20 GPM/76 LPM


L/W/H: 6' - 6" | 2'-0' | 3'-6" | 202/61/107 CM


Coated with durable Aqua Armor – the most durable Chlorine, UV and vandal resistant coating in the industry

Interchangeable with other spray features

ADA and ASTM compliant