Sheltowee Falls

- The installation of Sheltowee Falls splash pad in Morehead, Kentucky all began with a structurally unsound community pool. The city was forced to shut down the 40 year old pool and after much consideration, chose to install a splash pad. With a lake and a large indoor university pool within the community, the concept of installing an all-inclusive splash pad facility was appealing.

- The city worked with Morehead Tourism and the County Fiscal Court to purchase a 5,900 square foot space for the placement of the pad. The city worked with DWA Recreation and Water Odyssey to design a wilderness-themed splash pad that reflected the uniqueness of the city and surroundings. A recirculation system was installed for the purposes of water and environmental conservation.

- The prominent features were custom-designed for Sheltowee Falls including a one of a kind treehouse with two water slides, an 18ft eagle spray feature and forty additional water features placed around the pad for fun and entertainment. The design is meant to be entirely inclusive with age-appropriate play zones as well as ASTM and ADA standards.

- Once the design and manufacturing were complete, the team decided to name the park after Daniel Boone’s Native American name, “Sheltowee.” The many cascading water features lead to the selection of “Falls,” producing “Sheltowee Falls” as the name of the new community amenity.